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About the Book

Title: The Sun Is Also a Star

Author: Nicola Yoon

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Ember

Publication Date: March 2019

Pages: 348, Paperback


There are a great many love stories out there, and I, for one, do not count The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon as one of them.  


Let me start by stating that I am a sucker for romance books. The past reviews on my website might not have many romance book reviews. But I have read a fair share of them over the years. From classics by Jane Austen to historical fiction love stories like The Song of Achilles and young adult romance with the likes of John Green. But I just didn’t feel that tingly swoon over fictional love I’ve gotten from my top favorite romance novels. 


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My Thoughts on The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Don’t get me wrong. The book wasn’t a total burst. There was some certain level of enjoyment. The book is really fast-paced, with a first-person narration style. Each chapter is some sort of point-of-view-telling of the day’s events and previous life experiences alternating between the characters. I also liked the different themes, especially on immigration. 


The main characters also have some great take on life from their respective perspectives and for their age; Natasha from a scientific and factual angle and Daniel from a dreamer and believer of fate perspective. 


That made the writing and the book a little more enjoyable.


But the storyline and portrayal of the main character’s love arc didn’t make sense. Or seem romantic at all. I’d just categorise it as a crush. The kind with butterflies, excitement, and adrenaline rush one feels the first day they meet someone interesting. And some bit of weird stalking that gives me the creeps. 


When Daniel meets Natasha, it’s not a meet-cute moment. Natasha is desperately looking for a way to avert the deportation order that awaits her family later that night. Having moved from Jamaica at a very young age, she has managed to build a life and have a sense of belonging in America. But with deportation hanging over her head, she hopes a lawyer can help save the situation at the last hour. 


Daniel, on the other hand, is on some sort of free-spirit day. He’s letting the universe dictate his actions on the last day he feels like he has free will. You see, his parents are immigrants, too. As such, they have always wanted a better life for their children. That definitely translates to a ‘high-rated’ career along the lines of white-collar jobs. In short, his parents want him to be a doctor. The day he meets Natasha is the day he’s supposed to meet with a Yale alumn for his college admission interview. But he’s reluctant about it because he dreams of being a poet.    


And there, sitting on one of the steps on the street, Daniel sets his eyes upon a young lady with large headphones, who seems to be spinning in her own universe, and people around her on the street have to scramble beside her to pass. He’s fascinated by it all. So, what does he do? He follows her into a music store. See, creepy. 


Anyway, without spoiling so much of The Sun Is Also A Star, that’s how the lead characters of this romance novel meet. They end up spending the whole day together. Daniel even escorts her to the airport when it’s finally time to leave for Jamaica. And, as you can guess, the long-distance relationship thing didn’t work out. 


So, in a few hours, that same day, our characters met, spent the remaining hours of Natasha’s stay in America together, and fell in love. Call me anti-romantic, but c’mon!   


Would I recommend this? Well, not really. Unless you are into hopeless romantic young couple love stories.


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My ★ Rating 3.99


Goodreads ★ Rating 3.97 (as of June 2023)

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