Doctor Glass by Louise Worthington

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of this book by TCK Publishing for my honest review. So, here it goes…


I honestly have been trying to write a review for this book for many weeks with no success. And here we are, finally, with little love for the book, unfortunately. 


This book is marketed as a thriller. But nothing on those pages will keep you on the edge of your seat. I would have put the book down right from the first few paragraphs of the prologue were it not for the promised review. 


Table of Contents

The Plot

The story is about Dr. Glass, a psychotherapist facing backlash from a stalker or ‘threat,’ in this case,’ thanks to her publication. She had published an article about a woman who had committed murder-suicide; she murdered her son and then committed suicide. The issue with the said reader was that Dr. Glass was somewhat edging towards the support of such mothers. 


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My Thoughts

If you have enough time on your hands to waste, then yes, you can read Dr. Glass. Unfortunately, the prologue alone will give you a brain aneurysm. Let me not even get started with plot holes and supporting characters with no usefulness in the story whatsoever. And some bothersome details as well. 


One good example is Kat and her pet snake. There was like a whole chapter on her. While you can tie her to part of the prologue, having an entire chapter of her and the fetish snuggles from her pet snake that turned her on was unsettling and did nothing for the plotline. Or Jennifer, with weight issues and feederism, receives no help from the professional she hires and is also completely irrelevant in the overall storyline. 


Then there is one of the most prominent supporting characters, Dr. Glass’s friend and colleague with whom she shares an office, Lucy. Either she is just daft or an utter pick me. Not forgetting unprofessional. She is a holistic nutritionist with a new practice. Perhaps that’s why her behavior is callous. Lack of experience. Her line of questioning for new clients and how she fat-shames them left a bad taste. I also have a hard time finding the relevance of her storyline in the book, especially all the details about her clients.  


While most of the book made me want to impale my face, some parts came close to giving me that ‘thrill.’ When Dr. Glass is kidnapped, the story gets a life (that’s why I am willing to provide the book with an extra star). But that fire dies too soon. Even the reveal of the kidnapper came as no surprise. I wish the story had started with the kidnapping and explored that. Or perhaps have been about the mother who committed murder-suicide and how she got there. 


All in all, this is not a book for me. I might not be a big fan of the thriller genre, but this should have been better. 



My ★ Rating 2.0

Goodreads ★ Rating 3.63 (as of June 2022)

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