To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

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About the Book

Title: To Sir Phillip, With Love

Author: Julia Quinn

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Historical, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Regency

Publisher: Hay House Business

Publication Date: July, 2003

Pages: 416, Paperback


Dearest Gentle reader, did you miss my reviews of the Bridgerton series? *insert Julie Andrews voice*. Just kidding. 


After binge-watching the second series of Bridgerton, based on book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me, I remembered I had a book series to finish. So I rushed to download Kindle and got to reading. 


I was looking forward to Eloise Bridgerton’s story. She is headstrong in the books and even more in the two adaptations, which makes you admire and be in awe of such an individual in the Regency era.  


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My Take

To say I was disappointed in Eloise’s story in the book would probably be an understatement. I was expecting much better for her, with a more thrilling arc to the story of how she falls in love and with whom. I had built this expectation of the man she settled with. When Theo was brought up in book two’s adaptation, I so wished Eloise could end up with someone like him. 


But no. She went and settled for Sir Phillip!


For starters, he is such a pompous individual with no regard for one’s feelings. He never missed an opportunity to point out how all he was looking for was a mother for his kids (he should probably say brats because they are unmanageable). I get that the romance in books from this series is not something that just happens. I really do. It is what drives some of them into better stories. But someone like Eloise enduring all that from a character like Phillip?


Let me not get started on her wishy-washy character. One minute, she is strong-headed, and the next is the opposite of everything she’s been against. All because her best friend married, and now she feels alone as a spinster. Eloise should have been given a better love story. Or none at all, and we would probably be reading about her as a spinster enjoying the freedom she craved.


Eloise’s tendency to not back down and go for what she wants is what saved the book for me. Apparently, it was a life with Sir Phillip and his brood. Even if I do not get why she finally got to the point of wanting marriage. The Bridgerton sibling’s banter was also refreshing and made me smile, whereas the story was just frustrating. Perhaps this should give you the energy you need to read this part of the Bridgerton series. 


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My ★ Rating 3.0

Goodreads ★ Rating 3.80 (as of April 2022)

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