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EPC Budget Planner Book


Every Penny Counts Budget Planner Book is the ultimate budgeting planner for your yearly budgeting needs. It features expense trackers, savings trackers, debt trackers, receipt pockets, and a net worth tracker. It is undated, allowing you to start your financial journey anytime.

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I love writing and seeing the numbers do the magic of achieving my financial goals! That’s why I created The EPC Budget Planner Book. It is the ultimate budget planner book you need for your annual financial planning!


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The EPC Budget Planner Book Features

✅ UNDATED PLANNER 12 MONTHS PLANNER – The planner is undated, allowing you to start your financial journey at any time, regardless of the day, month or year. It will last you for a full year (12 months).

✅ SET YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS – Set yearly and monthly goals to help you say accountable and focused.

✅ EXPENSE TRACKER – You will get 3 expense trackers for every month. The expense trackers in the planner allow you to track how much goes into each category and expense on a monthly and yearly basis.

✅ BILL ORGANIZER – One of the best ways to stay on top of your finances is to keep track of receipts. If you struggle with keeping your receipts, the EPC budget planner will help you with that. It comes with 12 pockets to keep your annual receipts safe and more organized.

✅ DEBT, SAVINGS & INVESTMENT TRACKERS – You have an overview of how much you send to your savings and investment account and what debts have been paid. At the back of the planner, you have 8 savings trackers and 12 debt trackers to help keep track of every savings goal and debt payment.

✅ MONTHLY OVERVIEW – Review every month’s performance, with note sections for noting the month’s wins and things you can do better the following month.

✅ NET WORTH TRACKER – Do you know your financial position? The tracker has a net worth section at the back to help you know your yearly financial position. If you have a negative net worth, it is easy to see what liabilities are affecting your net worth.

✅ HOLIDAY PLANNER & EXPENSE TRACKER – Plan the year’s December Holiday, including your budget for items and gifts. It also includes a tracker to help you track the actual transactions during the holiday. 

✅ STAY MOTIVATED – It is easy to lose hope, especially when things are not going your way. Keep yourself motivated and eyes on the goal of financial freedom with the money affirmation section.

✅ YEARLY FINANCIAL VIEW – The EPC Budget Planner gives you a yearly overview on one page. At the back of the planner, there is a summary of the year section for inputting and viewing all savings, debts, debts, and expense tractions for the year on one page.

✅ SPIRAL BOUND DESIGN – This planner is easy to use. The spiral-bound design ensures it lays flat and folds for easy usage on any surface.

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2 reviews for EPC Budget Planner Book

  1. Peris

    I got this for myself and love it. It helps keep me accountable on taking daily consistent actions towards my goals & on successful habits!

  2. Ruth Mutinda

    Got the Budget planner for my sister and myself. It has helped me analyse my finances and to manage my cash flow. I can now monitor my income and expenses by category and know exactly where my money is being spent. It’s a good value for money

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