A young lady smiling and pointing at an entrance signage of The Trout Tree Restaurant in Nanyuki

The Trout Tree Restaurant in Nanyuki is one of those places that has to be on your Mt. Kenya bucket list. If not for anything, to try their fish delicacies!

On my way back to Nairobi from Meru, I used the Nanyuki route. We left Meru early, by 8 in the morning. We were in Nanyuki about 15 minutes to 10, but my friends insisted we pass by the Trout Tree Restaurant for an early lunch. It was my first time there, and I am regretting why I never took more trips to this place earlier on.

Without further ado, here is my review of The Trout Tree Restaurant – Nanyuki. Plus an accompaniment of mouth-watering pictures to have you packing your bag.

The Trout Tree Restaurant signage by the highway

The restaurant is located along the Nanyuki – Nyeri highway, about 10 minutes drive from Nanyuki town. There is a signpost on the right side if you are coming from Nanyuki that is not easy to miss.

An entrance of the Trout Tree Restaurant in Nanyuki

The Trout Tree Restaurant Setting

The entrance to the restaurant immediately after leaving the highway is a rough road. It gave me this safari-getaway vibe.

At the car park, one of their staff members received us and showed us the way to the restaurant. The reception had sanitisers and hand-washing liquid soaps with running water. The receptionist also took our temperature. All COVID-19 measures were in place, as far as I could tell.


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A young lady in a blue dress standing by a fish pond at The Trout Tree Restaurant

The Trout Tree Restaurant Ambience

The outdoor setting is simply breathtaking. You can see the over 20 fishponds down below filled with hundreds of fish. What I loved most was the whole setting. The water from the river feeds directly into each fishpond. It then runs out from the fishponds and back into the river. That way, the fish always has fresh water constantly.

If you are lucky enough to spend more time here, you might have a chance to spot the various bird species, Colobus Monkeys, and Tree Hyrax.

Food at the Trout Tree Restaurant Ambience

First we eat, then we do everything else

– M.F.K. Fisher

A plate with fish, roasted potatoes, and salads with a glass of juice on the side

If I had the chance, I would have tried every delicacy on their menu. The trout fish is fresh from their fishponds and char-grilled to a scrumptious meal you will fall in love from the word go.

The menu also includes other dishes like beef, Tilapia, pizzas and a selection for kids and vegetarians.

One of the issues I had is that they do not sell juices in packs. The drinks are highly-priced, like every restaurant here in Kenya, but at least there should be an option of buying a whole box of juice for sharing. Also, we were told that they do not serve ugali. If you love your fish with ugali, this might be a disappointment for you. 

If you find yourself somewhere in Nanyuki, make a point of passing by and have a taste of their fish.

And here is a display of what I ate on your behalf. Can you feel that deliciousness in your mouth, yet?
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