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While you might not get time or the money to afford a whole week’s vacation, a weekend getaway will give you the time you need to unwind. One of the getaway locations I am always recommending to my friends is Swara Acacia Lodge. Swara Acacia Lodge fits the bill; It’s not that far away from the city. It has some wild animals. It is calm and quiet. Not forgetting that bit of fresh air.

You don’t have to be rich to travel well

– Eugene Fodor


Swara Acacia Lodge is nestled away on the wild side of Athi River, about 40 km from Nairobi and an hour’s ride. If you do not own a car, it is best if you hired one to go with or you hire a driver to drop and pick you up. The lodge is about a kilometre off Mombasa Highway, and it is a rough path that gets muddy when it rains. Using public means will only leave you frustrated.

A view of outdoors at Swara Acacia Lodge

Swara Acacia Lodge: The Ambience

I loved the calmness of the wilderness. After spending months cooked up in an office and the noisy city, I was looking for some tranquillity. There are many places to sit and enjoy the landscaping, the breeze and the wildlife.

It was a bit chilly in the evenings and early mornings. If you are allergic, you better bring some handkerchiefs and warm clothes.

After the entrance, next to the dining area, there is a fireplace with sitting space for a group of people. If you are lucky enough to go there with a group of friends, you will have an amazing time catching up while keeping warm.

A view of the swimming pool area at Swara Acacia Lodge

Swara Acacia Lodge: Activities

There are a number of activities to keep you busy here. My highlight was the evening game drive, chasing sunset and catching the magical sight of a rainbow in the wild. There are bikes for hire, so I had a few lessons (I still fell, almost fell, a few times). If you love riding, there are trails where you can ride away and enjoy the views of the place.

We played darts and my friend had one hell of an afternoon at the archery site. There is also a pool table but we did not manage to plat. It was early morning and could not find most of the balls or the staff manning the area. Other activities include fishing, hiking, or swimming. I found the swimming pool rather small the water kind of drains out with time.

A glass of white wine

Swara Acacia Lodge: The Service

The staff was very friendly, always available in case you needed anything. Meals were a buffet, as far as I can remember. There is a dining area, close to the kitchen and the entrance. The head chef was always available and checking in on us. I loved their meals, especially the carrot soup. I am not a soup person but I always looked forward to their carrot soup.

The rooms are very cosy, with traditional hut designs, with animal portraits and a fine touch of African decor with. They are also spacious with natural light. I loved the showers, especially, the wooden look and the traditional vibe.

Overall, Swara Acacia Lodge is a little getaway ticket you need; close and yet far from the city.

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Dining area view at Swara Acacia Lodge
View of swimming pool at outdoors at Swara Acacia Lodge
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